Slope Stability Monitoring Reports

Point3Data can produce high-resolution and high-precision slope stability / geohazard reports with virtually any topography, soil type, rock face geometry or snow / ice loading profile.

Data derived from sensors such as force plates, load cells and pressure transducers contribute valuable information to the nature and science behind many earth movements. However properly calibrated, acquired and processed lidar data provides one of the most accurate methods of directly measuring temporal displacement at fine enough scales and across all features in a study area. After import, data is co-registered and a high-accuracy spatial-temporal analysis conducted. This methodology can directly detect millimetric changes across wide areas when measured from ranges of several hundred meters.

Data and reports satisfy two main criteria - early warning systems and models developed for the continued research of complex geomorphology. They find increasing use in the following areas:

  • Translational landslide monitoring
  • Rock face stability assessment / rock fall monitoring
  • Debris flow modeling
  • Mine collapse
  • Tailings dam monitoring
  • Gabian wall monitoring
  • Landfill subsidence
  • Seismic fault and fracture mapping
  • Avalanche prediction systems
  • Additionally, the same analysis can be extended to a variety of other research such as snow pack depth and snow fall density quantification for water resource planning, fire science and surface water hydrology.

    Reports include false-color plots of calculated displacement and error estimation budgets and are typically appended with mass points and metadata describing acquisition and processing. Specific client requirements can also be captured - contact us for more information.

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    Comprehensive Geohazard Reports

    Point3Data allows clients to gain insight into issues of slope stability under varying conditions by providing complete inputs required for comprehensive Geohazard modeling.

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