4-Band Orthophotos

Point3Data provides standard 1" to 200' scale seamless 4-band (RGB + NIR) orthoimagery. Rectified with a lidar DEM, these are premium 1:2500 product and typically feature 12-inch base resolution, pan-sharpened IR, and comply with horizontal accuracy as per FGDC Standards (Part 3) and NSSDA-1998.

Deliverable products can be tailored to meet client requirements for compression and server-side dissemination. Typical deliverables include GeoTIFF, Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) or MrSID image formats in standard 5,000 x 5,000 tiling schemes and are delivered complete with FGDC Metadata.

Image Products

Orthophoto Image Options

A variety of band sharpening and optional configurations are available that provide quasi-natural color imagery to highlight specific features, including land use, vegetation and coastal areas.

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