Terrestrial Laser Scanning

OTH Geomatics' laser scanning capability includes both short range phased-based scanners suitable for indoor applications) and longer range time-of-flight scanners that offer superior resolution and performance at ranges well in excess of 1km.

Both system types offer unprecedented mobility, and can be mobilized and deployed in the field by often by a single person. This provides high-resolution data capture not possible through mobile or airborne systems, with lower deployment costs as a result. They are ideally suited for high-resolution data capture of a local area, with widespread use in a number of mining, quarry, civil engineering and geotech applications. These include the production of plant and facility as-built documentation, volume displacement analysis and temporal change detection for slope stability and landslide applications.

Capability & Payloads

Laser Scanning to Suit Specific Applications

OTH Geomatics has specific terrestrial laser scanner configurations to address applications ranging from short-range (indoor) to long-range monitoring over thousands of meters.

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