Geospatial Data Processing, Analysis
and Quality Control

Point3Data offers complete data processing, analysis and quality control services for a wide variety of geospatial data streams.

Typical work outputs include calibrated raw source data, elevation products, GIS layers and a variety of mapping deliverables and formats. Point3Data provides premium elevation data products meeting the highest industry standards, including:

  • Lidar to USGS-NGP-Draft13
  • 4-Band orthophotos to NSSDA & FGDC
  • Bathymetry to IHO Order 1

  • Point3Data offers a wide array of analytical services on data that it processes. These range from standard production analysis for mine, quarry and other civil engineering works to comprehensive data analysis and modeling services that support exploration and scientific research.

    Quality Control governs all aspects of processing and analysis. Deliverable accuracy is defined before a project begins, and this is tracked through every phase through to final deliverable. In addition to providing in-house QA/QC services for our own processed data, Point3Data can offer clients independent third-party quality control services and assessment reports where required.

    Corporate Overview

    Value Added Data Products

    From the production of simple DEMs to advanced modeling, simulation & analysis techniques, Point3Data provides a customized solution to fit specific requirements.

    Global Geospatial Solutions across Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Domains