Mapping Products

Point3Data can produce virtually any lidar or image derived cartographic product to client specifications, including:

Close-Contour Topos
FEMA-compliant topographic products with shapefile contours as close as 12" (0.6m). These can be false-color coded with user defined scales or made to emulate conventional USGS topo rasters at the client's request.


Other Mapping Products
We can also produce a wide variety of thematic map products and map layers to suit virtually any requirements, including:
  • Faults and Breaklines
  • Base Maps
  • Post Maps
  • Hillshades
  • False-color image
  • Slope / Aspect / Curvature
  • Vector (direction and magnitude)
  • 3D Surface & Wireframes

  • Consult our Application Specialists with your specific mapping requirements.

    Lidar Products

    Page Summary

    Using a lidar derived DEM, Point3Data can deliver FEMA-approved 2-ft contour topos, and up to 1-ft supplemental contours depending on lidar resolution.

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