Geospatial Training and Knowledge Transfer

Athena Exchange provides training and knowledge transfer for all products and services provided by the Integrated Spatial Geomatics Group. This typically includes training in a specialized service or an on-site de-briefing following the completion of a project.

For emerging market economies, Athena Exchange provides the missing link that often exists between a nation's educational policies and the global knowledge base. Leveraging a country's existing university system and its most important natural resource - students who are eager to learn - Athena Exchange taps Geospatial professionals from industry, academia and governments world-wide, bringing together a customized program to meet a specific educational objective.

Athena Exchange will typically work with a government's Education Ministry and universities to define these objectives then customize a curriculum to suit. These generally break down into introductory, intermediate and advanced courses which cover all aspects of Geodesy and the Geospatial Sciences.

Corporate Overview

Training Programs to Meet Specific Objectives

Athena Exchange provides customized levels of knowledge transfer - from simple project debriefs to detailed structured programs designed to achieve client self-sufficiency.

Global Geospatial Solutions across Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Domains