Hyperspectral Image Processing

Owing to large datasets, the number of variables involved and the iterative process, hyperspectral image processing has traditionally been considered a developing science. Although complex and computationally intensive, using state of the art software, distributed computing and image analysis tools & automated work flows, Point3Data can provide complete Hyperspectral image processing and analysis services.

Although the process varies depending on the application, and many interpretation algorithms remain under continual development, there are elements common to virtually all applications. Raw HSI data is pre-processed, with the application of radiometric, geometric and orthometric corrections. A Minimum Noise Fraction (MNF) Transformation is generated producing coherent image information, typically followed by a Pixel Purity Index analysis used to select elements for further processing.

Whether your application is vegetation or soil classification, surface mineralization or water quality measurements, contact our Application Specialists for information and discussion regarding your specific requirements and objectives.

Image Products

Evolving HSI Analysis

From vegetation health to coastal zone water quality, the continued development of HSI techniques are enabling detection and classification that was previously not possible.

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