Power Line Corridor
Analysis and Reports

Using a combination of high-resolution point cloud data, accurate DSM/DEMs, solar irradiance and meteorological data and visible, IR and UV video imagery, Point3Data can provide complete power line corridor analysis, modeling and reporting to the most exacting requirements. These include:

  • CAD linework of towers, attachment points and line catenaries
  • Thermal calculations of line spans compliant to IEEE 738 or CIGRE 207
  • Detailed reporting of line clearance & line ratings
  • Identification and mapping of hot-spots and corona discharge
  • With HSI image overlays we can further extend vegetation reporting from basic clearance measurements to include:
  • Vegetation type
  • Invasive species detection
  • Projected growth rates
  • Species health
  • This analysis allows a utility owner/operator to develop a comprehensive Vegetation Management Program meeting the most stringent standards to the highest scrutiny.

    Modeling, Simulation & Analysis Services

    Lidar & NERC FAC-003 / 008

    To find out more about how the North American Electric Reliability Corp outline the use of lidar for vegetation management and line rating, click here.

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