2D Linework - Architectural & Civil

Point3Data can extract CAD ready primitives and linework from lidar datasets, in dgn or dwg / dxf formats. This enables direct engineering-office utility with no additional processing or transcription required by the client.

Vector data extracts include:

  • As-built structure footprints
  • Building edge extraction
  • Rail center line
  • Horizontal & vertical clearance vectors
  • Precision clearance envelopes for tunnels
  • Road center line, edge of pavement, and pavement markings (lane markers, etc)
  • Toe and crest extraction for quarry and open pit operations
  • Corridor cross-sections
  • Overhead line assets
  • DBH plots (forest metrics)

    In addition, we can provide user-specific asset extraction of virtually any surface assets picked-up in lidar scans or with nadir and oblique imagery, for integration into a custom GIS. These include most features of:

  • Electric Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Transportation Corridors
  • Railroad Corridors
  • Pipeline Right-of-Ways

  • Lidar Products

    Feature Import into CAD

    We can distill massive amounts of point cloud data into accurate vector primitives that can be quickly and efficiently manipulated in any CAD system.

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