Thermal Imagery

Point3Data can produce a wide array of calibrated thermal imagery products depending on application, sensor type and acquisition method. These include:


Typically a 640x480 or NTSC video feed, this type of thermal imagery is fairly standard for commercial and industrial applications and is commonly processed into geotagged video from power line inspection flights, where it is ideal in identifying localized hotspots in conductors and attachment points.

Standard FLIR LWIR images can also be used as image overlays on polygonal meshes when conducting heat loss detection and analysis for facility as-builts or upgrade documentation. They also have collateral utility for detection, recognition and identification of virtually any black-body radiation when deployed in sunshine or high-ambient daylight.

Broadband SWIR

Thermal image processing extends to scientific and research payloads with broadband SWIR (3.7-4.8 micron) data acquisition. Processing includes radiometric calibration, image georeferencing and orthocorrection via DEM overlays. Rapid accurate broadband thermal imagery is finding increasing use in tactical wildfire management, including fire perimeter delineation and precision hot-spot detection & location.

Deliverables typically combine TIFF or ENVI-compatible images with shapefile points & polygons in GeoPDF format for rapid delivery & deployment without the need for any GIS-specific software in the field.

Image Products

Full Suite Thermal Imagery

Point3Data can provide thermal imagery with full radiometric calibration, image georeferencing and ortho-correction.

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