Hydrographic Products

Point3Data can produce an array of Bathymetric and extended Hydrographic products from multi-beam sounding data and supplemental sensors. Raw soundings and backscatter snippets are processed with the NAV data stream, converted into CARIS HIPS (Hydrographic Information Processing System) format, and any anomalies in the NAV data are flagged. Standard corrections are applied for attitude, tide and refraction, and strips are merged with appropriate angle gate filters & quality flags each active beam. This provides the base data for DTM generation and all other derived product. These include survey data images, ASCII gridded data, FGDC / RSE metadata and a variety of 2D and 3D sounding and backscatter mosaics.

Additional data formats and deliverable products include:

Bathymetric Attributed Grids

BAG data files compliant to Open Navigation Surface Working Group specs describe gridded, multi-dimensional bathymetric soundings including grid data of position, depth and uncertainty. Appended Metadata allows for lifecycle change tracking. BAGs produced by Point3Data form a foundation element for Navigation Surfaces - i.e. grids intended for certification as "Safe for Navigation".

HDF5 BAG binaries can be converted to ASCII files (X,Y,Z,U) with a separate XML metadata reports, to suit specific agency requirements.

Descriptive Reports

DRs which capture the narrative of the operators, with any pertinent notes on navigation conditions, instrument outage, operational upsets or any other notable exceptions, can be furnished upon request. These can be delivered as either formatted reports or plain text files.

Smooth Sheets

Final extract cartography with verified data can be formatted as smooth sheets images in either TIFF or MrSID format. Contact us with your specific requirements.

Other Products

Bathymetric and Hydrographic Products

Point3Data's bathymetric products can be further extended to include full hydrographic features, depending on sensor configuration at the time of data acquisition.

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