Airborne Supplemental Payload

VNIR Hyperspectral Imager

Hyperspectral imagery can be acquired in the visible to near-IR bands in the continuous wavelength range of 400-1050nm. HSI ground sample resolution is a function of altitude, ground speed frame rate and the number of image bands. To calculate effective sepectrometer GSDs, see our Performance Calculator page.

For discussion on specific spectral bands and bandwidths to suit specific applications, contact our Application Specialists.

360 deg. Oblique Cameras

Where additional oblique imagery is required (eg pipeline corridors or urban environments), this can be provided by a dedicated camera cluster. A typical cluster consists of 4 obliques (45 deg) and 1 nadir camera, each with a resolution of at least 20MP. Other configurations are possible depending on the application.

Contact our Applications Specialists for details.

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