Hydrographic Services

Comprehensive bathymetry data can be collected compliant with IHO and USACE standards in near-shore areas of coastal watersheds as well as inland waters and navigable channels. Data can be used for navigation, scientific research or for volume measurements in support of dredging operations (pre/post dredge and progress surveys).

Data collection varies with mission requirements - from basic bathymetry and sidescan soundings to comprehensive snippets backscatter and water column data. Our baseline MBES configuration can be additionally fitted with a forward looking projectors to further enhance obstacle detection and image resolution, SV probes and tidal sensors.

Typical depth ranges for surface vessel deployment are in the range from 0.5m to 500m, depending on bottom reflectivity and watercolumn suspended sediment load. Practical swath coverage ~4x water depth.

For a project calculator that covers sounding resolution and coverage across varying depths and vessel speeds, see our Resources Section. For greater depths (up to 6000m) contact our Application Specialists with specific details and recommendations for the most suitable underwater towed platform or AUV.


Coastal Zone Bathymetry & Shallow Water Hydrography

OTH Geomatics can deploy a variety of sensor types and configurations to obtain high resolution and low noise soundings for virtually any shallow water bathymetric application. This can be further extended using on-board laser scanners coupled with wave and tidal sensors to compile complete hydrographic data.

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