Traditionally, geospatial data required specialized software for a user to extract meaningful value. While this hasn't been a problem amongst GIS professionals, it does impose restrictions obtaining data in many situations for personnel in the field, and generally limits dissemination to a user base consisting largely of engineers and scientists. Until now, non-technical disciplines have been almost entirely excluded.

To address this, our preferred report format is GeoPDF. It leverages the ubiquitous Adobe Acrobat™ platform - widely considered the global standard for electronic document sharing. This provides one of the most efficient means of multi-platform information dissemination for layered GIS and geospatial data content. It requires no special software or software licenses, just a free viewer (Acrobat X or higher) and freely available 3rd party plug-ins.

GeoPDF has become the current format of choice for many agencies including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for dissemination of geospatial image and cartographic product to the armed forces, National Guard, FEMA and others.

Reports published to pdf from ArcGIS or ERDAS IMAGINE contain deliverables encapsulated in a variety of georeferenced layers, including four-band imagery, HSI imagery, DEM, point cloud, control points, and a variety of other map and GIS spatial layers, all with user-defined visibility. Contact us to obtain a sample report.

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Minerva Informatics allows non-geospatial professionals to extract the power of a complex GIS using only pdf files.

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