Project Management &
Consulting Services

Integrated Spatial Geomatics can provide full-service project management and consulting services across a wide range of disciplines for virtually any geospatial project. Where clients have the capability to perform services directly but face schedule or logistics constraints on specific projects, ISG can be called on to provide complete and accurate task-specific activities. These include:

  • Requirements capture and spec generation
  • Mission planning
  • Third-party data QA/QC
  • Multi-party project coordination

    From experience, the value of multi-party coordination cannot be understated. ISG's oversight and project management services are geared to ensuring that all project stakeholders have complete and accurate information on-hand and that all information can be properly utilized. Early in the process a gap analysis is conducted with all parties in an effort to identify potential shortfalls or process weaknesses. These are specific to the project and function teams involved, but typically include Design Engineering, IT, Construction Documentation and Field Work Crews. Once identified, they serve as the framework of a closed-loop coordination of activities, where constraints or limitations in one process are identified and addressed by another, wherever possible.

    This approach has been proven to shorten schedules, minimize rework and eliminate costly mix-ups associated with a myriad of variables are involved, any one of which can impact cost, schedule and data utility.

  • Global Geospatial Solutions across Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Domains