Geospatial Data Hosting, Storage
and GIS Services

Minerva Informatics allows clients to stay on top of the ever-increasing volumes of geospatial data being collected by offering full-service data hosting, storage, and complete Geographic Information Systems services.

We offer large volume, low cost, high bandwidth cloud storage on specially constructed RAID servers for handling the terabytes of raw and post-processed source data typically generated with each project.

We turn this data into useful information through GIS creation and hosting to enable rapid and efficient retrieval and reporting. Our capabilities range from a simple municipal GIS to supporting capital projects involving complex change and interaction between terrain, geology, watershed, soil, vegetation, and wildlife habitat.

Not just a typical GIS, such a database forms the framework of a comprehensive Geospatial Library that serves as a project backbone across spatial, spectral and temporal domains. This allows researchers to identify trends and correlations that might otherwise be overlooked.

Minerva Informatics offers the most adaptable and flexible field reports available. The GeoPDF platform provides the user the ability to interactively view, annotate and toggle visibility of all GIS layers and obtain UTM coordinates using nothing more than a tablet computer equipped with Adobe Acrobat™ Reader.

Corporate Overview

Customized Storage & GIS

Minerva Informatics turns data into knowledge through custom GIS layers and affordable enterprise storage solutions.

Global Geospatial Solutions across Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Domains