River CFD

Using high-resolution lidar DEMs of the watercourse as a base, along with elevation data and soil samples from the larger watershed area, Point3Data can accurately model river channel velocity and flows by using advanced analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics. These include tropical rivers in mountainous terrain that experience wide dynamic flows, where flooding and riverbank breach are constant threats, along with resultant sturctural & property damage and loss-of life.

Free surface and transient shallow flow models, when constructed with high-resolution lidar data of riverbed surface roughness, provide utility for:

  • Bedload transport analysis and quantification
  • Hydraulic horsepower calculations
  • Sediment scour analysis (structure undermining)
  • Dam spillway effects (what-if analyses)
  • Depending on data availability of the study area, this analysis can be conducted on small spatial extents of a single river, or expanded to include an entire tributary and stream network within a drainage basin.

    In addition to analysis and documentation reports, CFD models can be delivered in formats compatible for viewing in visualization software. Structured grid data can also be furnished in Plot3D format for further analysis by the client if required.

    These have direct applications for a number of research and commercial applications, including structure threat assessment, low-head turbine siting and alluvial mining operations.

    Modeling, Simulation & Analysis Services

    Comprehensive River CFD

    Point3Data allows clients to gain insight into wide-dynamic river flows by providing complete inputs required for comprehensive River CFD modeling.

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