Multi-beam Echo Sounding

Our marine configuration includes a MBES system mounted in a 26 foot watercraft. This all-aluminum A-frame vessel has been specifically designed and constructed with a catamaran hull. Productivity features include dual air conditioners, diesel generator and retractable moon-pool type sonar mount that offers superior stability with low background acoustics for the sensors.

Data collection varies with mission requirements - from basic bathymetry and side scan soundings to snippets backscatter and water column returns. Our baseline MBES configuration can be additionally fitted with a forward looking projector to further enhance obstacle detection and image resolution, SV probes and tidal sensors.

The vessel's shallow draft makes it ideal for off-shore work in the coastal zone, inland waters or navigable channels. Sounding densities can vary between 3x3m postings to cm-level density for high-resolution pre and post dredge surveys.

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