UV Inspection Imagery

Point3Data can process the bi-spectral imagery typically generated during power line corridor inspection. Solar-blind UV images (250-280nm) are boresight onto standard RGB video feeds which result in an image product for the detection of corona discharge and open-air arcing in high voltage transmission and distribution grid assets.

Complete and accurate corona discharge and exposed arcing reports allow utilities to identify and correct otherwise difficult to detect anomalies such as loose ACSR strands and the degradation of non-ceramic insulators prior to failure.

Image Products

Corona Discharge

The "crackling" sound that can sometimes be heard in high-voltage power lines under humid conditions is corona discharge.

It can not only produce audible noise, but also RF interference and gas by-products including ozone. This is particularly destructive to non-ceramic insulators, causing accelerated degradation, breakdown and potential line faults.

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