Custom GIS Solutions

Minerva Informatics enables clients and their user base the ability harness knowledge from vast amounts of source data, through custom GIS creation and hosting. Our capabilities range from fairly simple municipal GIS to developing enterprise-class systems to support capital projects with multi-variable monitoring and reporting requirements.

These typically involve complex change and continuous interaction between a number of elements across terrain, geology, watershed, soil, vegetation, and wildlife habitat. Such a system comprises a comprehensive geospatial library serving as a backbone across spatial, spectral and temporal domains, and allows researchers to identify trends and correlations that might otherwise be overlooked.

GIS build-out can support native ArcGIS or ERDAS IMAGINE environments, with Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) web-based hosting and retrieval for all products, along with Google Earth overlays. Contact us to discuss your specific application and requirements.

Other Products

Data, Information, Knowledge, Action

Minerva Informatics turns big data into structured information, allowing clients to gain knowledge before taking action.

Global Geospatial Solutions across Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Domains