Oblique Imagery

Point3Data offers a variety of custom aerial or ground based oblique image products. Taken largely as a supplemental data stream, various products are available, depending instrument type and collection method. These include:

Boresighted Aerial Obliques
Where oblique cameras were boresighted with the lidar and aerial orthocamera, these provide imagery with direct orthorectification capability.

Supplemental Aerial Obliques
Where dedicated (non lidar boresighted) cameras are used, Point3Data can provide processing, block-adjustment and image stitching. Consult our Applications Specialists for details.

Ground-based Obliques
Depending on the system, oblique images from terrestrial mobile lidar or terrestrial laser scanning systems can either be extracted from 360 degree spherical geotagged video or fixed field of view frame cameras. These can be rectified, blended and stitched to form a stand-alone image stream, or photodraped to form an XYZRGB lidar point cloud.

Files can be generated in a variety of formats including GeoTIFF and MrSID. The exact process and deliverable varies depending on the sensor type and final requirements - contact us for details on your specific requirements.

Image Products

An Alternate View

Oblique imagery can often be an effective means of providing additional analysis and context when viewing conventional lidar or nadir orthoimagery.

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