Airborne Corridor Inspection Payload

Payload extensions for airborne corridor inspection include the basic Core Airborne Payload and the addition of:

  • RGB HD gimbal video
  • LWIR Thermal HD gimbal video
  • Bi-spectral VGA gimbal video
  • On-board Met and Solar Irradiance instrumentation

    This instrument suite has been specifically selected to provide complete data acquisition for electricity distribution & power line corridors. It provides the data required for asset management and existing condition reports for power line corridors, ensuring utility compliance with NERC FAC 003/008. On board meteorological data acquisition records actual temperature, humidity, true air speed vectors and passive solar radiation which are used as inputs to corrections for computing load rating and sag measurements. In addition, the GSM video camera package includes a thermal imager (7.5-13.5 microns) for hot-spot detection and a solar-blind UV camera bore-sighted to a standard video feed. This provides corona discharge detection and location capability under daylight operating conditions.

    This instrument configuration has been engineered for simultaneous deployment with the core airborne payload, and designed to fly on the Bell 427 equipped with high skid gear and wire-strike protection. It provides the safest, most complete, cost-effective, single lift, single-pass transmission corridor pick-up available.

    Custom Airborne Payload
    We can configure custom payloads to support virtually any mission requirement. Whether its ultra-sensitive broadband thermal or high resolution HSI SWIR imagery out to 2.5 microns, contact our Applications Specialists with your specific requirements.

  • Capability & Payloads

    Advanced Corridor Inspection

    OTH Geomatics has an advanced payload configuration designed for rotary-wing corridor inspection - specifically geared to handle the inspection requirements of electric transmission and distribution corridors.

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