Airborne Core Payload

OTH Geomatics basic airborne instrument suite is suitable for covering a range of operating regimens. These include high altitude (wide-area), mid-altitude (engineering) and low-altitude (corridor) applications with either fixed or rotor-wing deployment. The primary sensors consist of:

  • High-resolution lidar
  • 80 MP medium-format aerial orthocamera
  • 60 deg oblique cameras
  • Multi-spectral imager (C-IR)

    This configuration is used for most applications where requirements call for standard 6 or 12-inch 4-band imagery orthorectified with a 15cm lidar DEM. Lidar swath width / scan frequency and camera lens options vary with altitude.

    This is also our payload of choice for many low altitude corridor projects including floodplain mapping in the riparian zone, estuary delineation, coastal zone erosion or international border-zone mapping. It can be deployed in either fixed-wing or helicopter configurations, the latter providing dense coverage and high-resolution ground samples (hundreds of points /m2).

    Sensor suite includes 2 medium-format oblique cameras looking 60 deg fore and aft along the flight line, with various lens selections depending on altitude. This provides the capture ground features & attributes not obtainable from nadir images.

  • Capability & Payloads

    Flexible Instrument Configuration

    OTH Geomatics' primary airborne systems payload includes lidar, medium-format aerial camera, oblique cameras & a multispectral imager, and is suitable for deployment in fixed or rotary-wing platforms..

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