Geospatial Data Acquisition

OTH Geomatics is involved in all aspects of field acquisition involving a multitude of geospatial data types. Principal activities include:

  • Airborne lidar, orthophoto and oblique image capture
  • Airborne multispectral (MSI) and hyperspectral (HSI) image capture
  • Vehicle-based terrestrial mobile lidar
  • Tripod-based terrestrial laser scanning
  • Precision ground control collection
  • Coastal zone bathymetry

    These services apply to wide area, local area, corridor and confined spaces. Activities include both traditional geospatial collection (e.g. lidar DEM and orthophoto) as well as custom requirements to support specific research needs or industry compliance.

    Typical industries served include mining, forestry, road, rail and pipelines. OTH Geomatics core activities are fundamental in supporting the elevation data requirements of various government and natural resource agencies throughout the world.

    Through uncompromising attention to data accuracy and employing industry-best practices for data collection and ground control, OTH Geomatics has positioned itself to handle virtually any geospatial data collection requirements.

    Corporate Overview

    Accuracy Through Best Practices

    OTH Geomatics can fulfill virtually any geospatial data collection requirements.

    Global Geospatial Solutions across Spatial, Spectral and Temporal Domains