Aerial Orthophoto

OTH Geomatics has specific nadir-looking medium-format sensor configurations designed to handle the rigors of aerial photography. 80 MP medium-format CCDs provide 5.2 micron pixels, resulting in a 15mm pixel size at 150m with a 50mm f4.0 lens. These include field-interchangeable lens options that do not require factory re-calibration - only a quick field boresighting.

Rapid and efficient orthophoto production begins at the camera, with an integrated electronic iris shutter, 1/1000 sec shutter speed and automatic aperture controls to handle varying ambient light and ground cover conditions.

This can be flown alone, or more typically deployed in combination with a nadir-mounted Color Infrared (CIR) camera. This combination allows the production of 4-band orthophotos and the additional discrimination of ground-features not possible with conventional RGB imagery. Standard spectral bands from Independent Mono CCDs, including center wavelength and bandwidth, are as follows:

  • Green - 550nm/40nm
  • Red - 670nm/40nm
  • Near IR - 800nm/60nm

    Where orthorectification is a requirement, our preferred instrument configuration is to fly the camera combination boresighted with lidar, and produce a lidar DSM to serve this purpose.

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