Lidar Mass Points & Point Clouds

In addition to derived elevation products, we can provide source lidar data as either mass-points or full lidar point clouds. Specifications vary depending on sensor type, but typical deliverables are below:

Airborne Lidar and Terrestrial Mobile Lidar Data

These are typically .las file binaries with standard ASPRS lidar point classes compliant to LAS version 1.3 (32-bit) or 1.4 (64-bit) along with a return number for each point. Intensity returns are either normalized pseudoreflectance or radiometric grayscale.

Point3Data can provide several levels of .las file classification to suit specific requirements, including Ground (Class 2), Vegetation (Classes 3-5), Building (Class 6) and Model Key-Points (Mass Points) (Class 8). A subset of ground points, Mass Points can be used to quickly construct a surface which supports the generation 2-ft contours at a 95% confidence level, and are useful when working point cloud data in CAD or other non-GIS software.

Terrestrial Laser Scan Data
Laser scanner output can be organized or un-organized point cloud files with user-defined file formats (ASCII XYZ or manufacturer's proprietary format). These normally include intensity returns (either grayscale or RGB photodrape when acquired.)

Lidar Products

Full Waveform Re-processing

As algorithms continue to be refined, full waveform data can be re-processed and data sets re-delivered allowing increasingly complex feature extraction to occur.

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