Quality Control

Integrated Spatial Geomatics takes a holistic approach towards quality control and quality assurance. We don't view QC as an after-the-fact exercise performed by a group that delivers "bad news" in the eleventh-hour before a delivery. Rather, it is an intrinsic set of operating principles that governs all activities across the group of companies.

The primary foundation is knowledge. ISG staff has years of experience in dealing with the hardware, software and workflows required of advanced geospatial services and precision elevation data products. We do not operate "black-box" systems - we understand the practical capability of complex systems as well as their inherent limitations and vulnerabilities. Knowing how, when and (more importantly) why things often go wrong enables us to create a process that ensures the highest probability of success under actual field operating conditions.

Prior to deployment, equipment is validated to ensure data collection will meet the required specification. Immediately following data collection (and prior to equipment de-mobilization), data is verified for completeness and spot-checked for accuracy across a subset of ground control. This provides rapid identification of any data gaps, navigation loss or other anomalies requiring field rework, and allows this to be completed without having to later re-visit site for remedial work.

A core element of quality comes from an understanding of the project requirements. This importance cannot be overstated. Once parameters such as accuracy are properly defined and delineated, the overall project framework governing all aspects of QA/QC handling is structured, which in turn defines:

  • Equipment operating guidelines
  • Ground control methodology
  • Validation and verification tolerances
  • Post-Processing methodology
  • Outlier handling
  • Metadata reporting
  • Source data segregation & archiving
  • We have found that implementing and following a comprehensive quality program - properly matched to project requirements - is one of the greatest factors in the overall success of a project. For more detail or insight, contact our Application Specialists.

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