Terrestrial Mobile Lidar

OTH Geomatics has developed workflows, equipment and practices that provide reliable deployment survey-grade terrestrial mobile lidar systems, specifically designed to achieve sub-cm performance under field conditions for precision road and rail applications, or cm level performance when operating off road in rough-terrain. Corridor widths vary depending on terrain and line-of-sight obstructions, but are usually in the order of 100-150m of effective range in a single pass.

Rover platforms vary by application. A mid-size SUV configuration is specifically suited for navigation in open highway, close-quarter urban areas as well as being able to handle moderate off-road use. For river bed scanning in mountainous terrain, a fully-customized "creek bed crawler" enables high-resolution mobile lidar and image capture of undercuts as well as detailed vertical slope and rock-face features that are impossible to capture by air or watercraft.

OTH Geomatics underpins high-accuracy terrestrial mobile lidar data with a network of base station and ground control. The extent of this is based on actual GPS conditions during mission deployment and the accuracy specs required. Attention to the smallest details enables us to hold the tightest accuracy to suit the most demanding project requirements.

Capability & Payloads

High-Performance Terrestrial Mobile Lidar Data Acquisition

OTH Geomatics focuses its terrestrial mobile lidar efforts around applications which require the highest levels of performance.

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